Prep & Aftercare


Best Time to Schedule

Schedule your appointment 1-3 days before your event!

Tans take 24 hours to see the fully developed color.

Getting other services done?

We recommend that mani/pedis, facials, massages, and waxing be done 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Day before your appointment:

Shower, shave, and exfoliate! Please avoid bar soaps and use a fragrance free liquid soap. Apply lotion overnight, but please make sure to rinse off at least a few hours before your appointment.


Day of your appointment: 

Please leave your skin “clean”. This means free of lotions, deodorant, perfume, and makeup. If wearing makeup and deodorant cannot be avoided, makeup remover wipes will be provided.

During your appointment:

Wear anything that you will feel comfortable in.

Please note that anything you wear will leave a tan line. We do offer disposable bras and underwear. If possible, bring loose fitting clothes (baggy tshirt, dress, etc.) to go home in. 


After your session

Leave solution on for the recommended development time given by your airbrush technician. Avoid getting wet. This means no sweating, washing your hands or face, and staying out of the rain/snow. 

Time to shower! 

RINSE all bronzer off before exiting shower. You may not see your fully developed color at this time, please up to 18-24 hours after tan to see full color. The first shower is just a rinse. Avoid using any soaps or shampoos.

When showering, avoid the use of washcloths, loofas, and exfoliants to maintain best results. Pat dry with towel after shower.

What products should I use?

The products you use can  make or break your tan. To ensure the best results, make sure to ask us about our aftercare line created  specifically for your tan!

Full size and travel sized products available!

To extend the life of your tan, moisturize after every shower and as needed. Avoid products that contain alcohol, mineral oil and parabens.